I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 14 September 2012

TOR des GEANTS Results 2012, by Stevie Haston

Perhaps the greatest mountain race of all the mountain races is over again-well it is still going on for some. The TDG is 200 rugged miles around Aosta, with 24 thousands meters of up and then down!
The winner came in the other day but I have waited to post some other results, and of course I sorry for not mentioning everybody including the last place finisher who is normally honored just as much as numero uno.

1 Oscar PEREZ Spain 75h55
2 Grégoire Millet France 78h50
3 Christophe Le SAUX France 80h14
4 Pablo CRIADO TOCA  Spain 83h37
7 First Lady  Fransceca CANEPA ITALY 99h13

There were 13 in under the magic 100 hour mark!

Fellow Grivel team  member Pablo Criado Toca finished 4th, and Marco Camandona, came in at 100 hrs  48 mins, you shouldn't have stopped off to drink so many beers Marco!

As usual it was a great race, I'm very sad not to be there cheering people in, special thanks ,well to everybody as usual, especialy the thousands of volunteers.

The relief of not doing the course,  I must say is an interesting feeling, but I have got up each morning before the sun, and run in the dark (and rain yesterday) to do the runners homage. 

Aosta I love you. The Tor I love you. Run until you drop, pick yourself up, and run some more. Cant believe I am not there.

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