I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Boring Boadman Tasker award, by Stevie fed up of reading drivel Haston

Two books which are worth a read, one because it's about the dishonesty in politics, the other a decent Bodice ripper which takes place in the Abyssinian campaign where there was more excitement than in all the books together in the total Boardman and Tasker list.

Wow the Boardman Tasker book award, the list of books seems to be written by people who cant climb very well, or in at least one case, someone who cant climb very well and who hasnt climbed a route in 20 years! I cant even stoop to honesty in criticising nearly all of them, as it will seem too mean. So, in that modern way we have now of wishing everybody goodluck, and well done, em... well done and good job on being great climbers in the spirit of Boardman and Tasker and reflecting what is going on at the cutting edge of mountaineering!
I really had trouble with this list, is there a person on it that has actually meant anything to British or world climbing? May the judges choke on their paid for Coco!