I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Making Monsters, by Stevie normal Haston

Making monsters is what its about, but in the end monsters devour themselves, or just rip themselves apart. I did it just over a year ago running in a 200 mile run, half way I slightly tore a calf, but of course I continued for a while and made it much worse. In climbing you don't have the luxury of even time to consider, it happens very quick. Above is standing or upright row, its very good for shoulders, you really need to watch your self in a mirror to watch for imbalances! My shoulders are good again, because I sorted them out.

Zottman curl is one of Laurence's favorites and she has great forearm strength. Zottman used very heavy weights but climbers have slight musculature so can go light with good form. The Zottman curl is a normal curl on the 'Up' movement and a reverse curl position on the 'down'.

The down movement, where you can also wiggle your wrist a bit for a bit of a burn if you want or to just feel the articulation.

The rope curl is interesting, depending on where you lay the knot, it will seriously stress different aspects of the wrist and bicep, a very useful exercise for bicep health.

 This is the Cuban press, again a favorite of Laurence, but one she's been neglecting, she doesn't have time for everything, but she has to make time or she will tear her self apart!

 Cuban press is great for rotator cuff, good form, a mirror, and light weight are a must. 

You can do Cuban Press with a bar if you want but it stresses some peoples wrists this way. Remember we are all different, the only thing we have in common is that we can get injured. My shoulder impingement is gone! Monsters are easy to create, but climbers are notoriously injury prone, thats why most of them are light as feathers, but even this won't stop injury, it just means your injured on harder things. Mutants get hurt, Machines break down, Alpine Annihilators get aged knees, the body is a great device but its design  was just the accident of evolution, protect your knees, shoulders, finger pulleys and everything else as best you can.