I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Learning to Love, by Stevie Haston

Learning to love my 20 kg plate didn't take long, but as with any kinnda man, there's  different kinds of love, from the slight flirt, to deeeep Barry White Loooove.

My Lats are a bit beat, but my bi's and Brach's are still game. A few days ago did a big session of pulls, and so felt like hitting a different pulling combo. Trying to lock it a bit on each pull on a different arm, either I am clipping in my mind or adjusting my fingers, or putting in a bit of gear.

Neutral grip is great on the elbows, and a nice big flat thing so I am not concentrating on my fingers!

Zulu likes his 20 kg plate, he trains with fishing in the hole for mice! 

These are lots of fun, not fun for long!

 It's a combo pull over, sit up, and get up.

 It takes a little bit of concentration, and seems to engage the core in an interesting way.

Its really raining a lot had planned to do a big cave, some mapping, and exploration etc but its a cruel cave at the best of times, so a bit of house training! This 'beret wearing' exercise is really hard!