I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The core of climbing, by Stevie armadillo Haston

The core is a much publicized part of the body, but really misunderstood. I will add to that misunderstanding by giving you some stuff that you won't follow, or try to understand. Why not, miss information is the way foreword.

Warm up and do the Bug series of exercises found here.
Or do a good warm up, like the Sun Salutation after a bit of jogging, or skipping, or little jumps.
Or do some really easy climbs which are kindda just walking.
Yoga and Pilates are really both good, as are any of the myriad martial art warmups, which are taken from yoga anyway! 

The center is where all the Power can emanate from, this is illustrated here by something that shows a flexed back. This is not to confuse you but to make you think. Where does the core start and where does it finnish.

People borrow and steal and develop and sometimes perfect things. This is a 'standing  Twist with a weight,' its a really brill thing to do, after a warm up. I do standing twist, or sitting twist, several times a day. I don't just do them to become strong, I do them just to function. 

This is Laurence doing what is sometimes called Russian Twists, she has a bad back with one damaged disk from falling down a couloir when she was a 'ski bunny', she has to be careful so she is very careful!

You might recognize this from yoga, you can call it a twist if you want.

This is a Plank Twist, you can call it a MF of an exercise if you want, but my guru will be upset at you swearing, so we will just call it the heavy Plank Twist.

Once upon a time I got very strong doing the Plank twist!

The core in my opinion is really you, just you, and all of you. The rest of the universe, like rock climbs, mountains, must move around you!  

This is a bit of cross training, called "gardening", it involves twisting, hand strength, and other stuff.... In Ariège where we live, there are two 8c climbers who are full time pro gardeners! This is not a joke!

Just done some big sets of pull-ups with 22kg, and this little fellow decided to help me....