I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Edu Marin's Father does 8b+at 60 years old, by Laurence&Stevie Haston

Congratulations to Edu's MARIN GARCIA father, Francesco Marin, he  red-pointed Gemini 8b+ in Rodellar at 60 years old, after a year and half of attempt he sent it yesterday! Well Done!!! It seems that he has other projects....Venga!
What a great inspiration! When we arrived in Ariège 8 years ago, a local climber "Momo" has just done his first 8b+ at 57 years old....It inspired Stevie and myself. Stevie did his first 9a at 52 years old...Now at 55 he is keen to try again and who's know how far he can go....
I just done my first 8b at 48 years old so I  have an other 12 years to keep pushing!!! I'm keen, Momo, Stevie, Robyn, Francesco... have inspired me, so get inspired to, so train, loose weight, and pull! Have more fun, more birthdays, and more success!

Here a link to Edu's blog...