I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

5 minutes training plan, versus the 5 years plan, by Stevie the train Haston.

Now if you were wise you would go for the five years plan. But hey who is wise, and who is Swiss.
Laurence's favorite board

So this morning I instigated the 5 minutes plan. Me and my training buddy, who is a trainer and coach; argued about it, and we decided to try it. We are both in a hurry.
French triple comp winner gave me this board for helping him.

The 5 minutes plan has a great deal in it’s favour, ie it’s 5 minutes long, but your still not going to like it. Tools of the trade are a finger board, and a watch, chalk bag, and a bit of paper. Best probably to have a guy with a loud voice shouting ‘venga’,or ‘to the death wimp’, into your ear. Right start on the minute, and do some finger pull ups, jump off and rest the remainder of the minute. On the minute start again, you do this 5 times, that’s why it’s called the 5 minutes plan. If you are strong use a weight belt. If you are super strong use Jupiter.
This old wide board is good for doing type writers

Now then you might be surprised to know that this actually does work. But obviously being bonkers we did this before going climbing, and then after the climbing; and I did the 5 minutes plan, 5 times, and then lost my piece of paper. So I don’t know how many times……..
The transgression
Anyway my fingers are stronger than they were 5 weeks ago…..
In 5 months they will be stronger…….
wood is kindda good

This is the 5 minutes plan.
Do not ponder the complexities of this plan.