I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Then and now, by Stevie now Haston.

Photo Chris Griffiths

Here are two photos separated by 30 years! In the first photo you see an amateur climber enjoying a really great day with C.Gore a good comp climber of those years, Kim Carrigan top Ozz climber, Shagger top Party man, Chriss Griffiths photo man, and meee of course doing a Y Fronts advert-Calvin Kline not being invented or needed at the time . Second photo is 30 years later! This is basically for those who are always asking is it too late. It's not never too late, but you do have a chance, if you at least start! Get going.

Today with a less demanding party scene, you should be able to rest more-that’s a joke! Seriously, with boots that work, a greater repertoire of knowledge, and things set up in a convenient way, you should be able to climb really well.
In fact I might hazard something a little controversial and say that if I had the legs of World Cup boys, that is if my legs were less muscular I could squeeze another grade out easily. So there you go, what is stopping you?
It’s a really wild thing to realise.
Liberate yourself.