I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Snake at Sabart, by Stevie Haston

Une couleuvre de Montpellier à Sabart en plein déjeuner....
A huge couleuvre having her lunch in Sabart...biggest toad I have ever seen in Europe, this type of snake can grow to 6 foot-2 meters. This snake is actually venemous, although when I moved this one off the path, it pissed on me a very disagreable stinky fluid. Very rare to see big ones now, they scare people and couleuvre verte sometimes go for you if you disturb them. We have a tiny snake here locally a pretty little asp which looks innocuous but can kill a cow, I had a few in the garden to my surprise one year and had to move them.
Apart from the snake interlude, the team had a fairly bad day-too heavy etc. Went on Carcajou, it spanked me like always, still might try it some more even though it is harder since a hold broke, beaux mouvements durs et gymnastiques, une vrai bataille.