I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Man I am Psyched, by Stevie Psycho Haston.

Tools of the trade

I got 10 weeks of new routing ahead of me, I am buzzing already.
Got mail from mates who are training, it’s keeping me Motownvated,
Got up at 5am to do my 1000, easy peasey, then an old mate came round, used to do the Competition thing years ago, he wanted an assessment, you know like an Mot (don’t know the US term), anyway it was really fun, he was so poor in so many areas! But man, his crimp strength! We had a great day, except I had to do a bit of stuff with him, like showing him how to do the Bug, so we were both BUGGERED. Feel like I had an Appendectomy. How youall doing? I send my regards to the Salt Lake City boys, Downs and Maisch, maybe I’ll come over, just to check out Maisch’s forearms,  I can barely do the Number two Gripper, by the way. Send me a photo of Steve’s Forearm, I got one of Wolfgang’s somewhere, I can make bookends out of them, haha.

New dancing shoes

Feel coltish to day, frisky, snows amelting, saw some flowers, Spring time is coming, Rocktime. Can you here it, the music, I mean, ‘We will, we will, Rock you’. 
Here’s a few photos for Maisch.  And Co.
Excess bagages????

The Dumbell is rigged with a wide handle like a Thomas Inch replica, its feels welded to the ground.
We will, We will, Rock You.