I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Training stuff, by Stevie ‘chasing the train’ Haston.

54 years old and still rolling along...
I always wanted an expensive train set, I never got one. I always wanted to play music really well, never could. But I got strong.
I wanted to be the greatest climber, I just got very good. I wanted to run like the wind, but ended up breezing along in the mountains, smiling. How? I trained. How? Very hard!
People make alotta money out of mystifying training, its mostly smoke and mirrors. I don’t, I keep it simple and have some success. I have placed very high in big comps despite going partying all night, and not visualising, because I was seeing triple. How did I do this? Simple, keep reading,
Hard sport and enjoying sport are two differing things, there are all kinds of layers in sport, it is what you want out of sport and training that is important. But do you know what you want? Excellence is not in every ones brief, but being good at something is perfectly attainable.
I am training today, its dumping snow, the road is shut, nothing to do but train. But if it was sunny, I would still train, because I want to do a certain route, it might be a climb, or it might be a course in the mountains, and its just out of reach, bugger that. Out of reach is not out of mind.