I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 13 February 2012

Grivel Quantum Race by Stevie Speedy Haston.

This axe is the one I used for the last few years and its only down side is that its shaft isn’t as strong as the new extruded alloy ones. Its extremely light, responsive, and a very good comp or high end mixed axe. Forged pick is chunky enough for hard mixed, without being too bulky for some ice. I was very happy with this axe and found M10 easy with them. When I first tried this axe I was shocked by its supremacy but now Grivel have other axes, which make choice difficult. This axe should still be considered for the top routes.The price is high and for most climbing I would advocate double spring (leash) to stop from loosing one, and the resulting tears. The shaft is warm due to a thin layer of carbon.

Grivel advocate sensible use of Mixed gear, that means take care of your axes, and take care of the rock. Good hunting, I have frostbitten toes at the moment, the cold bit back.