I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Good vibes, by Stevie Serene Haston.

Had, a great day yesterday, a cracker. Woke up knackered from a hard training day, so looked forward to doing little. The snow plough had made the road passable, so thought I would pop down and see a few folk down on the plain. Well not that simple in our mountain abode, battery flat, diesel frozen, car buried, two hours later after alotta swearing, we are Cresta running the 5 kms down to the plain, when we hit a bank of snow. Rescued by the Pompiers who were coming up for a broken leg, thanks lads.
Anyway down on the plain, went to the wrong house and talked to Ruth Jenkins, now a mum of two kids, still a Veg, and the owner of strong, strong fingers. Ruth Jenkins did the first 8b female ascent in Britain way back sometime. Bumped into her at Waco HuecoTanks and now she lives ‘next door’.
Ruth sorted us out and we were off again. So next house, two smiling  Scots, lovely lads. Exchanged chit chat, and we were off. No snow tires, and improper gear. Laurence had taken the proper caving stuff by accident. Anyway snow, -12°, fooking chilly, but they were game. We did a through trip from one of the cliffs were I climb, to another cliff were I climb, they thought I was having them on! Due to my lack of memory, and advanced Alzheimer’s, navigation was a bit trixie, but we made it thru and back. The  lads loved it, they were Garth and Mark, thanks lads, they have both  have had a hand in Scottish climbing, and are part of the scene up there. Anyway we laughed so much about the Scottish propaganda machine, and dry-tooling. See you again boys. Got home, house full of bird feathers, and three fat sleeping cats.
Found some post, a friend from Austria had sent me some vitamins, and his training video, and best of all some encouragement. Thanks Jurgen. His video is very inspiring, and will help me, its all there. What is also there, is his smile, and his keenness. This is what I was trying to get across in my thingy on Motivation. Smile, your alive, have Joy, just because its called training it doesn’t have to be a drag! Like the Scots boys smile, virgin cavers with the mad monk of the mountains who threatened to loose them in a 10km system, yep they  still smile, they loved it.
So woke up this morning stiff as Rasputin’s Dick, total body destruction, not so much from the thousand pull ups, and stuff, more from the old fashioned car pushing, and  cryogenic shovelling snow.  One of the old Wushoo Kung Foo masters in Manchester used to make his lads push his car home, as a warm down after a session, while he chuckled like a slant eyed maniac. Oldskul wurks naturelic, ya Jurgen