I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 28 November 2016

All the Presidents Men, by El Stevie Haston.

Reluctant to celebrate the death of a dictator, I went climbing, and mused on the definition of words. Just like climbing grades that purport to give you an idea of difficulty, political words, or designations are very much up for discussion, or lets discount them after all its Black Friday!  Castro good bye, well done for having the highest literacy rate in the Americas, hopefully many of the nasty things attributed to you were either false, or exaggerated. A dictator that spent 54 percent of the countries money on social services, and survived that harassment of the worlds most powerful country, must have been at least a good chess player.

The Berlin wall came down in 1989, since then they introduced parking fees and no bivouacking at Elbe Sandstone, thus turning away climbers from their home turf

 Some people don't like climbing they are frightened of heights, it doesn't necessarily mean they are dead to joy, some people don't like voting for one of two candidates who are both thieves of the people, it doesn't mean its now all their fault.
Funny how words are now so important to people who have forgot that Poetry exists.

 Lets all hold hands and make the world a better place.

I am not a hippy, not even an idealist, I don't even like most people, but hay what's happening in America, and the UK is gonna back fire.

breath in from the belly, empty your head, for some people this is easy.

 Fed up with the world I go under the surface of the water, peace returns, if only for a short while. When you are running out of air you can get a certain lucidity about things. The same goes when you are about to take a big flight through the air! Many people in America and the UK have reached that lucid point, they don't trust the politicians and want a Shaman. Beware the Shaman. 
Shaman is a 7c+ in cave, it's very nice if brutal, and if you get anywhere at all on it, it leaves your fingers bleeding. Thats why I go free diving, death will just be a slippery glide to no tomorrow. As Tracy Chapman sung in "Talkin bout a revolution"

"while they are standing in those welfare lines", and I will add "with their money reduced and only able to buy shit food", people will get fed up, and might say "no". The Standing Rock complaint  in America which apparently doesn't see the light of day on American mainstream media is a very peaceful protest about theft, and bullying by Coporations, it is being met by cruel militarised Police! Welcome to the machine.