I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 25 November 2016

Lucky man live your life, by Stevie Haston

 a very big water spout, its gonna suck up the non believers!

 The weather has been a little bit inclement, some rain and a few storms, but hey I haven't missed a days climbing or diving! Yes I am a lucky man! A friend reminded me the other day because I was down. Well theres a lot of people who are down at the moment, so I decided to do my bit for getting people high, as it were. If you get my drift, nudge, nudge to a blind horse. I,ll do a few new routes and try a fix a few routes that are dangerous, my Pro bona work! And thanks my friend for reminding me how lucky I am.

 get finger boarding!

It's winter time, and you should be thinking of doing some systematic training, or going some where, away from rain! Of course you can do both, or better, live some where better. Where is better? Some where without nasty Nazzi politicians, yes!

get fast on the draw donate to my Pay Pal button at the top of the page!

There's a lot of new routes on my island, but I have runout of gear to equip! Donate if you have an interest in climbing, or are thinking of enjoying some climbing on Gozo! Iave done more than 50 trad routes recently that I want to equip, plus I always need lower offs. Please think of donating if you enoy what I do or this blog.

Heres a couple of free tips, use this winter to get really fit, not just for climbing, but for all the other benefits too, like good health. Drop those 5 or 10 lbs, eat more veg.

Do some finger boarding, do some yoga, 15 mins of each will break you into a new grade on top of what you do now! Its a bargain.

Buy a well fitting pair of shoes with sticky rubber, and whisper to your self, place correctly, push correctly, propel correctly. 

More fun and success from me.