I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 26 November 2016

In and out, shake it all about, by Stevie Haston.

                      Soloing a little 6a.

Gozo has some nice little cliffs, with good ambiance. Weid Mielah is a strangely named cliff with a rock arch and generally pleasant climbs, theres a few exceptions, theres the big roof 8b, 7 knee bars in a row, and fairly hard, and mystifying unless your a Mensa Ninja.

 Alex looking pale and pensive, I was laughing.

Another little route with a bite, is called "In and Out", it goes into the back of a cave, and out again! Imaginativly named it is not, but after you do it, please add up how many brain cells you have left! 

 Blurred photo from incapacitated with fear second.

 hanging on a hook and trying to get it out at the same time!

The rock is stoned immaculate, it's really special, big "Gout de eaux" which take some friends for protection.
Then there is a belly flop onto a damp ledge, and some squirming.

 Some swearing going on, in German, directed at me.

The sea was occasionally spurting, but didn't get us wet. The whole route is better as a deep water solo, but it does have a hard move which will probably give you an early bath time.  

 "I will kill you", in German doesn't sound that sweet.

After a sweet little belay among incredible holes, you have to go further into the cave, and bridge out, and traverse the opposite wall, it's a bit chaotic on the brain, spacial awareness goes haywire!

 A brill photo spoilt by either the camera or a shaking hand...

And there you have it, In and Out.

Well you have to be aware that this climb is not the sum of its moves! It is more a journey into corners of your own neurosis. I will thoughtlessly recommend it to people who have high anxiety in their normal lives, should give them perspective.