I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sky is changing, by Stevie seasonal Haston.

For some reason the sky has gone more mellow, its welcome. The temperature of the sea was down a few degrees and yesterday I saw a very big Eagle Ray the biggest one Iave ever seen. The temps are good for climbing but who knows with weather, its called weather because it does what it likes wether we like it or not!

The dag.

 Excitement is mounting for climbing this autumn, gonna put up some huge stamina monsters, and get fit for my 60th year on this planet! tting excited for climbing this autumn, gonna put up some huge stamina monsters and get fit for my 60th year on this planet! 

 this is the view from my fast food establishment, watching bats is the only entertainment.

My climbing this year has gone from a high point of 8b+ to 8a, you might think its ok, and in my mellow moments I do too. However in my sharp, lucid, ego piercing examinations I think it's lazy!

On the North Coast there is always shade and cooler temps.

What does one actually do at 60 years old? I thought about a years mountain running, and doing the Tor de Giants again. After all I would move up a veterans age category, and could conceivably place! But I think I want to climb, and more importantly I would really prefer to climb well. So I'll start preparing now. Some weight training was done this week, it was horrible, certainly I wouldn't be seen that weak in a gym. Next year the only thing I have sketched in as a route is the Bacher Yanirian in the USA. Wow I have just said it, oh dear. Oh dearie me.