I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Paradise can wait, by Stevie patient Haston.

Today was supposed to be a climbing day, but I thought I'd show Alex sector Heaven can wait.
It's a bit of a swim at present, but in future it will be a reasonable abseil down the escape route, canoe, or water taxi.

sector Heaven can wait.

We did a few little underwater tunnels on the way, and played with some one's underwater camera, my video skills are coming on, but my East End Landen accent is so broad, it embarrases me!

 the full scale of this cliff is hard to get in, its really really big.

There's room for only a few routes in the big overhanging sector, but what there is, should be of staggering quality. A quick look on an abseil, left me reeling with pleasure, and fear of exploding forearms.

 some of the rock quality on the easy routes will be high!

 On the access ledge there were a few fishermen's holds, maybe 10, possibly very old, don't know how they would have accessed this area other than to down solo 6a!

The potential here is very high, but it will be a winter cliff, and it only has a few feet in some places from the waves, so it will be a special place.

the start of an 8 something!

There's a bit of a party scene here in the summer, with people having barbecues, and leaving rubbish! We cleaned it up a bit, but it does get to be a pain. What is going on in peoples heads nowadays? My dear friend Laurence, says it's the same in France at the moment, no Burkinis, but plenty of litter, and whale blubber on display. Anyway need lots of bolts, and glue, and energy. Edelweiss are sending me a couple of ropes, but anybody with stainless steel carabiners, and HD stainless expansion please think of giving me an early Xmass present.