I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Gozo's climbing potential is huge. By Stevie Haston.

I'ave climbed in thousands of places around the world and I can say that one day Gozo will be known just as much for its climbing, as its Scuba Diving. The potential in climbing tourism for the Island is very high, and in the off season, when everything else slumps, climbing comes into its own due to the cooler temperatures.

Yesterday, 2 kilometres of swimming to look at cliffs and caves, a brilliant day.

It's very disturbing to see the sea full of plastic, and to mention it, is a sin in some peoples eyes. Equally the car pollution in summer -or indeed most of the year. Mentioning Birds on the Maltese Islands is a political night mare and I have already been threatened.

 One of the caves on the coast, 40 meter + visibility yesterday, crazy clear.

Along the coast we have potential for thousands of climbing routes, and an Eco Sport excellent for foreigners and locals alike. A sport that promotes health, and enjoyment of the out doors, and will bring us valuable Euros.

 Climbing up after my companion, heavily laden, on a new route that once cleaned up would be fabulous.

 Edelweiss Canyon rope, the new diving rope colour!

The gift fairies brought me two ropes, thanks Edelweiss.

The first rope is a Canyon rope whose colour is so good I begged one off the Edelweiss Boss straight away.
This canyon rope is  at 47 meters, a bit long for a geriatric diver like me-especialy as I am stuck at around 30 meters with equalisation problems. We will see, as it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but Iam willing to learn.

Edelweiss 9.5 Energy rope, best bang for your buck in a sports rope? We will see-my mission is to test it to destruction.

Had a great day out swimming, and climbing, despite seeing people spraying pesticides every where, dumping building rubble, and you can guess what else. But hey I won't talk about that today...