I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 2 September 2016

Ralphy and the Arch, by Stevie Haston.

Ralphy had done a bit of climbing already and thought it was just Ok! So we decided to up the stakes, up the level. His Dad, and I thought it was a reasonable decision based on his physical ability and strength. I had been swimming with them and diving so was confident that it would be within his mental capabilities but …Anyway it had to be the Arch. We did three little short things to warm up, and sort them out-dad came along.

trepidation, looking at the sea chopping away at the bottom of the cliff.

Ralphy  thought the little warm ups were good, but its kindda what he was used to in climbing, so it was no big deal. But the Arch was outside of his sphere of reference, and he eat it up, morsel by morsel. Two routes on the Arch, an easy one, exposed and breezy, and one that stretched him, literally, he is a bit short! Paul the Dad, although a good runner who has done the Marathon des Sables, begged off the last two routes, height isn't his thing, although it was also clear he wanted these photos as a reminder. When I asked the young rock climber what he thought he said he was "robbed for words", a great well behaved boy, he will do well. I was happy also, to share the joy of my sport and passion, and see it so well received. It is  one of the deeper satisfactions I experience, this sharing thing. There must be a few now over the years who have learnt something from me. At the Arco meeting and Comp, we did many sessions for young kiddies. Climbing is great, long live climbing, and all who love climbing.