I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Holiday blues, by Stevie Baby Blue Haston.

here is a little boy I like, very clever, more than a bit hyper active modelling the Stealth helmet! He knew every thing, and was really helpful.

Unfortunately it's still holiday season here on Gozo! Some of the other destinations for holidays are affected by war, so what's bad for them, is good for our economy, but bad for me, I don't like people! Well, no not really, individually if they are nice, sure, but on the whole…

 feeling peckish, just say yes.

Was on the big island,Malta, diving on two wrecks or sunken ships. There were hundreds of divers, one got bent (as in the Bends) and had to be hospitalised, the second accident in a month. I helped a woman a few weeks ago, very unfit person who should not have been at depth! 

 a sea star, sweet, took it back, obviously.

Had a very enjoyable time, met some Czech Republic guys and girls, very nice people-free divers. Have to say Free Divers are generally great, like climbers were and to most extents and purposes still are, along with Cavers and Mountain runners. And a few others…
One of the guys was very competent at 30+ meters with very useful time down there touristing around-wish I was that good. Always nice to be inspired-thanks guys!

the Venus Belt, a really wonderful thing!

The good "free divers" had some really cool Carbon Fins, made me a bit envious, but I can't max out my own lungs and fins yet, still a novice.
I was very excited watching these people, and when we left them we swum through numerous rock arches and tunnels, with a very nice nonchalance thanks to them. Took the ferry back home to Gozo, and I hadn't really had enough, so went for another session, this time with a Mono fin, and broke my distance record! Nice day, first of 10, a holiday before work!