I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 13 January 2014

Training your mind, by Stevie Mindless Haston.

The mind, is the boss who controls your training, but the boss is often asleep at the wheel, or he's looking at the countryside out the window. That wouldlnt be so bad, but sometimes he's keeping bad company!

Training your mind, is the first step in training your body, and training your body is the first step in controling your mind. When the two things are in harmony, we can grasp very large things, and banish a few old enemies, boredom and depression, being my worst foes.

Do not let yourself be distracted, follow the plan, man. If you are now over your New years resolutions, look at the above, the woman on the right is looking at how much skin she has for tomorrow's training session. She isn't thinking about her manicure, she's preparing her self mentally.

Second step of the year for me, was to start training systematicaly, to create pattern and habbit. The first image of a fairly big hand is to remind myself, its me who controls my mind, and without a shadow of a doubt I will Master a few tricky routes this year, the price is high but it wont break me. 

The third step is food, or the lack of it. Total elimination of food will happen at the end of this month, after a visit to the winter trade show. I will allow myself a few Weisse beers, and then I will remind myself that nothings tastes as good as clipping the chains. Target weight under 65kgs, my mind is already rebelling, we will see who is stronger......