I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday 25 January 2014

Grivel Twin gate knowledge, by Stevie Haston.

The new Twingate carabiner from Grivel is the safest biner I have ever used. In many instances it will be found to be much safer. In a month of personal testing I have been unable to accidentally disengage myself from this carabiner. There has been enormous interest from climbing editors and guides and climbers about this biner, they see the advantages straight away.

Here's the Twingate next to Grivel's lightest screwgate, which is the lightest in the world and a very useful bit of kit. If you want light, I might still go for the one on the right, if you want safest I'd go for the twingate. In what situations might you choose safest? I ask this no brainer question cos their are an incredible number of 'confused' people out there. A few examples, your belay perhaps, your belay or abbing device, top roping where movement and rock shape might open a carabiner. The lower off anchors on a climb, or at a climbing wall top roping. Where carabiners might freeze, choose the wire ones. When climbing with Kids, as they have trouble with stuck screwgates and fiddle with gear. While doing safety work, rigging, rescue, or any other situation where its "safety first".  You can also use them as carry biners where you dont want to loose expensive kit!
Are they difficult to clip? Lets start with no. They are not difficult to clip into belay devices, abseil devices pegs etc. Are they difficult to unclip? Lets start with no, basically no. With gloves? Well everything becomes difficult with gloves. What about as quick draws? As quick draws on a climb within ones grade they are fine, but of course safer! I personally have used them on climbs up to 8b. At climbs above your standard, or where you are pressed, and you are not a Ninja clipper, I leave it up to you. Grivel twin gates, check the video out here. It's done like it is to minimize translation and make it clear. It is not an exhaustive e.book. Goodluck with the twin clip, more fun and success, and less disconnects. 
You can check out the video here.
I will be at Ispo trade fair (B5 Grivel's booth) for the duration, please do not ask me about the twin gate, ask me about anything else, I beg you.