I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Extravegance, exuberance, extortionance, by Stevie existenial Haston.

It's winter, hard to tell for sure, as today it's plus 14°, but you know it's the spirit of the thing. Like with ice climbing: the spirit might be ice but the sinues are in mixed climbing. Here's a link to the Ice world cup, it's worth watching to see where todays sport is,  it's a very advanced and interesting game which climbers hardly know about and climbing media cant seem to get across to their readers. With some of the best tools costing 1500 dollars or pounds a pair, its getting pretty exclusive.

I read this week that cats think they are more clever than their gaurdians, well that's a no brainer cats dont go mixed climbing!

Here's a little trick with a daisy chain, instead of using them for climbing which is way too expensive use them for training. Use them for un-even pull ups, up and down, or however. Its a really good little workout! 

I found that even I could keep track of which loops I used, and it helped me think about the way pushing down really helps a lot. If you do them slow,  you dont cheat like you do on a campus board. Anyway there you go. 

My cats actually do pull ups and require feed back, not criticism you understand, it's just admiration they want, so its clear my function and existence, is really just about them. The end of an axe blade is modeled on a cats claw, it was one of the very simple things that advanced mixed climbing.