I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Resolve to evolve, by stevie evolving Haston.

The New Year is here and with it come the hackneyed resolutions. But they, those resolutions, can be great usefull little tricks. I personaly am using them, hackneyed or not. I decided to be happy at Xmass even if I did call it Odins day, and its the same today, Resolution day. 

Went to see some Kids today after we went climbing, Climbing first, not necessarily the most important thing, just first. 

The Kids were keen to show me stuff, like the Silks on the right, they are fun to use.

5 kids without the three youngish adults playing, really good to see. 

Usual climbing board stuff going on in another room. Anyway there was little talk amoung the adults about their goals, there was a fairly modest 8b plan from my son in law Rob, who should have done it years ago. A fairly reasonable 8c plan from Ruth who has definitely  got 8c fingers, an undisclosed plan from Laurence who wasn't playing fair, and the usual boring 9a plan from me. To make the 9a plan more interesting I'll disclose it's actually a 9a+ plan! As I only did 8c last year this might seem a bit presumptuous, but 8c when you are fat is good.  
Plans are all very well, but they only work if the execution works really well. So this years resolution is to become the best executioner going. 
Today the first day of this New Year I did an 8a! Today I weigh 76 kg that's at least 10 kgs overwieght! An 8a with a 10kg weight belt is very good, so the start of the year will be easy. I reckon it will be preety easy for me to 8b+, and then we will see. I have a very long -70 meters long roof project to do-which should give me incredible stamina should I do it.  And then I need a bit of power, have I got it? Is failure an option? Is the pope a catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods? Or as my Dad used to say befor he went to Valhalla, Does a catholic Bear pass a pope in the woods?