I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Up the green revolution, by Stevie Che Haston.

My garden is great, it's got no weird chemicals or stupid GMOs in it, if I could stay in my garden my life would be great. But I have to travel away from it, into a polluted madness. 

The unspoilt, unpolluted world is getting smaller, people breath shitty air, eat shitty food, and live a vicarious life thru others living. I always wanted to go swimming in the Pacific for a year, but it looks like the fish will glow bright in the dark from radiation due to a Japanese atomic plant going tits up, thank you very much, another dream incinerated. 

This tomato is so sweet and large its hard to think of it as a vegetable, the EU have plans to make farmers buy seed rather than just keep seed, a bunch of crooks is what they are.

A few years ago the EU or French government tried to outlaw nettle compost water, they said it wasn't tested! It's been around for ever and is fantastic and harmless, they banned it cos its free! 'They' are crooked because they take bribes, and are in the pocket of who ever, trying to con you with payed for false testing and any other trick they can con you with.

These things basically ran wild in my garden, the one on the right tastes of chestnuts it's yummy.

I need a bit more land, no one will sell me any cos they are all playing the property market! Russia is now playing the oil business in the Arctic, Britain is Fracking, the USA and Canada are Fracking madder! Energy is basically free, its called the Sun, if it wasn't for the car industry and the Petro Chemical crooks control over America and the rest of the World we would all know that.  Crooks don't always wear masks, the baddies are not the obvious few terrorists in the world, the real crook is this unethical corrupt society we call the free democratic west, its free to be manipulated by big greedy industry and the parasitic Banking system. 
Heres one for my America friends, grow stuff in your garden, Oh I forgot you can't in most places because its illegal! And heres another one dry your clothes in the wind in your garden, oh I forgot, you can't its illegal. If it becomes illegal for me to save seeds, I will protest in the strongest way I can.