I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Invite me to a war party, by Stevie Haston.

Eddie Grants famous beautiful words; Invite me to a war party, me no wanna go. Theres so many weird people in the world causing trouble, you know who I mean, Politicians, they lie, they connive they work for business not people. Well you know you gotta fight them, you can't just sing about it, cos we aint got that charming voice like Eddie, or his strong six pack to impress zee girls.  

This is a story Once apon a time in Malta, about ego and power, if you don't understand just look at the photos. If you have a great painting and you keep it in a vault, who gets to see it apart from you? Me an Eddie we don't wanna go to no war party, we don't wanna fight. I personally want to put up great routes for people to take pleasure in visually and physically. I don't want to destroy, I want to make. Basically more fun and success.

This is a great powerful little 8a on the big island of Malta, always sunny and smiling at you. Thank you John for bolting it, and I'll pass on the thanks of a few others for putting the work in mate, thanks a bunch from Jeff and Rael.

So lovely to be there...flowers and deep blue sea..

 This little route is gonna need a bit of repair work, cos the rock is sadly not that good but it will be worth it you might agree, but work, well ... who wants to do it?

Magic little cliff in the sun, 60 routes or more, it needs paths sorted, access agreed, it needs litter removed and it needs young kids climbing on it. Who is going to do this?

 This is the White tower, a great cliff, I haven't had time to pick up the thousands of plastic shotgun cart rages, and of course the lead is in the soil. This is Jeff climbing he works full time then spends all his spare time equipping and climbing.

Old men climb too sometimes, climbing is a joy, so don't rock my boat.

Aint done this one yet! You can do it if you want, its free, I have had my chance to climb it, it's a free project.

Classic sea side climbing in a place that was a disgusting sewage outlet, its been cleaned up and we need to clean a few bits of metal and rubbish and it will be new again, come and help, why don't you?

 Oh solo mio, I will be here in your warm embrace, charge me up with free vitamin D, and charge me soul.

Scoop de Jour, great route, 6c, very slaby. Ready for another belay Simon?