I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 30 September 2013

Dawn patrol against fat, by Stevie Fat Haston

So, my health was bad due to bad toxins. This got better with correct real food. My immune system was shot due to doing too much, and an infection. Sorted this. And finally my hormone level was low due to the above and being nice and cuddly and cool. Did you know your testosterone level goes down when your in love? Check, sorted that out too-I now hate everybody including myself!  

The above photo is evidence that they discovered Acid in the 14th Century! They were a head of the time that's for sure. The Romans according to their
 writer Vegetius, had the most efficient army in the world. 

Well it's recorded that they could walk with a heavy pack for around 26 miles then dig in go to sleep. Tough strong lads. There's been lots of recordings by soldiers doing double marches and then setting to and having a bloody barney for a few pleasant hours before going on an all nighter with some pillaging.

No wonder some people had this expression. Anyway not being up to a stroll and being unable to fight my way out of a tangled quilt, I took measures. First measure consult the 'Scales of Justice', oh deary me, guilty as charged, you are fat.

The pinch test, oh dear, you are gross. Check the mirror naked and let it out, oh dear, that's disgusting. Ok then, you wanna play it like that, you horrible disloyal body, I will decimate you, actually I'll do more than that but one tenth of you is going to die! Yes your gonna suffer baby. Dawn Patrol it is then.