I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

To be, or to sneeze, by Stevie Horrible Haston.

To Blog or not to Blog, for a while I didn't blog as I thought what I did wasn't interesting, but obviously now, as navel gazing while half watching the latest Net Flics moving garbage show is the height of many peoples lives-well.

 Some gorgeous granite in Egypt, this dome, peak, is unclimbed.

 A mural of Whirling Dervishes, I once did a climb called the Dervish which started a boom of new routes in the quarries of North Wales, now I advocate climbing while maintaining precautions against catching the Flu. I would never advocate breaking a law, except of course where that law is completely wrong-there are a few, well more than a few are not there?

 These are my so called Spring onions, they are not normal are they? Luckily I have a garden where other people in my family can relax while sheltering from the stupidity of this modern world. Could I imagine being cooped up in a grotty bedsit in some god forsaken town, or worse stuck with a horrible companion?

Yesterday was rainy, we still went out, me and my bro here. Diving down on the peaceful sand at 25 meters depth was magic, my companion was keener than me, diving, diving he has nothing else to do, his wife is in a different country and he can't work. He is lucky he can get out, eh? He has a PHD and two other silly degrees, he is one of the experts I discus things with. I have lots of friends who are expert in strange things, some of them even have a modicum of common sense. People say I am wrong about corona /Flu, perhaps I am, but the 25000 Germans who died of the Flu in 2017/18 compared to the few thousand who died of this Flu this year might have a different view point-well they might of course, if they were alive.

Diego my dog who climbs a bit, is a bit confused at the moment due to not getting out enough.

 The cruelty of Quarantine, the confusion of quarantine, the way people are perverting themselves is amazing, the total abdication of rational questioning is a jolly interesting thing. My country in the last 3 years has slipped 34 places in the liberty of it press, the Maltese people as a whole have not noticed, or complained! Maltas last Prime Minister a Mr Muscat was implicated in the murder of a journalist, not many people care! The new replacement Prime Minister of Malta in the job 5 mins has a judicial enquiry into the possibility he murder up to 12 human beings at sea, do you care? No you don't! That's the crime.  The crime, and it is a big one is that they/you are so distracted by Brexit, Trump, Corona, money, and Net Flix, that they dont care about anything. They care so little that in some places they are locked up, and imprisoned and think themselves lucky. Now then, in some places there is a nasty flu going around, and there are a few very bad hotspots, but in other places like the Reunion you have a very good chance compared to corona of dying of Shark attack, on my island Scuba Diving kills more some years.


Behind our free diving float is an incredible flying groove, I failed to climb it twice recently, it's not hard, I am just rubbish. Notice the last sentence and compare it with this one, some health care is not up to dealing with the Flu, because well its not up to it.

My  friend here looking like the blind mole he is. We are so lucky him and I, no stupid polluting boats to hassle us, The life in the caves is coming back, if I had a tiny bit of work from people wanting my services I would be able to pay the bills. While you are all locked up you should perhaps explore what is going on in the world, not your navel, but look at the problems of big business owning governments, and countries. It takes very little time and is much more relevant that that stupid badly acted out nonsense about serial killers. While you are locked up, war is still going on, hunger, the money owed by each individual is going up, but you're sense is slowly dissipating in the crazy theatre they create to confuse you. Yes you are welcome. It's sunny. Its always sunny above the clouds.