I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 19 April 2020

Man crushed to death, by Stevie Haston.

Man crushed to death, the Unbearable sniffles of a dying society, go by little happy shuffles into that cattle truck my plebs, the Matrix is waiting for your unfit asses.

A bit of Slate climbing from North Wales a route of my big buddy Cliff, well named Phillips.

This Blog might be all over the place, captions etc, just don't feel like following any rules, and yes you can lump it.

Another bit of Slate the photo above was "Looning the tube" this one is called 'two pairs of feet"

 This is not Slate this is Gozo cheese rock, some of the best rock I have ever climbed on. Was swimming with a guy who shall remain anonymous, he says he wants more Corona lockdown, because all the morons are at home, no speed boats, no Jet skis, no Fishermen trying to hook us up-yes they do that!

In Trainers, irresponsibly climbing without a rope in a time where the hospitals are supposed to be overworked according to the 'authorities' (dont you love that word) actually the hospitals are running at less than 70 % capacity, but even that number is probably wrong as they are nearly empty. People have threatened to tell the authorities that I climb and swim, funny I dont think the authorities are even interested, they are more interested in rounding up the migrants on our land in Corona Camp 7 people to a ships container, over a thousand souls, and guarding them with fully armed soldiers, welcome's to Christian Malta! If you dont believe me google it! And we refuse to rescue people who are hungry or even thirsty, or rescue them from drowning, we are even  returning them to the places they fled from, yes we are very nice Christian loving people. We are using the excuse that we are being over run by an evil force called Corona, well this might not be believed by some people, after 750 targeted tests we found a grand total of one person with the dreaded Corona, impressive!

A Flower bigger than an outstretched hand, if only the bees were to scale, what jolly fun that would be or bee. The world can be a joy to live then, but not if you are in a concentration camp you willingly put yourself into, or did you some how just agree to it. Did we sign up for this? 

A not so skinny man bending a bar, as he attempts to bring it down to his level.

A man crushed to death.

I like that title. Simple has a certain power, don't you think. Sadly I often feel crushed myself, sometimes even by self loathing, pity, all kinds of things, failure, the tragic comedy of life isn't a barrel of laughs either. Thats why I climb so much, a bit of escapism with simple rules. The Title was inspired by a caption I saw on a photo, it was of a man squashed under a steamroller, with the words, man dies of corona virus! You are probably bored of my stuff, I am too, I am often crushed by my own stuff, but there's more. Macron the Bankers puppet, and supreme ruler of France has said there will be another month of lockdown-so no climbing for you Pierre and Choochoo.