I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 10 April 2020

Profit of Doom, by Stevie Haston

5 people enjoying climbing, name how many rules they are breaking to win a furry animal toy, theres a dog in the photo somewhere, apparently they can carry corona as well, or so they say!
This will be a very badly written blog cos I am too busy enjoying my life at the moment, I advise you to do the same, that possibly means not reading this blog, but since you can't actually enjoy anything apart from playing with yourself you might as well.

Nosferatu resurrected himself every day not just at Easter.

The Easter Profit of Doom. Watch out for 'Wavelets' of Corona sweeping hot air balloons of World Health Organisation Double Speak.

I could just link vids of cops trying to arrest kids for playing foot ball in their own garden, a woman in the UK arrested for sitting on a park bench and the wonderful jogging guy in Italy turning into Husein Bolt as a corpulent copper gave enfeebled chase. 
Dig for Victory, what other guff are they going to come up with, the queen made a speech and we are supposed to feel thankful for her kind words-as if we all share in her wold view and wealth. Pardon me for not being impressed with that family, her husband is a drunk racist who crashed his car t'other day, while possibly being incapable of driving. And what ever you do don't mention her son being fond of taking Lear get rides to sex parties. Loose lips sunk ships, Your country needs you, well it needs your tax, because Branson and the media papers won't pay theirs!

So a little bit of research obviously under the influence of some Vino de Veritas has produced some  interesting facts. What follows is not from me, its not made up, but has been published in many reputable newspaper/rags. 
Number  one thing of note, Malta will have 19 deaths by August. This at first sight doesn't seem like a great deal of death, on second, and even on 10 sight it seems like not many deaths. It may well be worse where you live.
Number two, where ever you live there might be a net gain in lives due to less pollution. In China they will save 20 times the lives they lost. This is staggering.
The UK is looking bad, my sympathies, but you did vote for it, well you voted for the Conservatives who cut the National Health Service at the knees and then slashed her beautiful throat, and bled her half to death.

Is it illegal to do this at the moment?

Can you believe that British health workers are in hospital  covering themselves in bin bags for protection, thats in one of the five biggest economies in the world.
Anyway enough sad dreary thoughts let us cheer you up with the puppy at the end of the news bit. A mate in France has fallen out with his old climbing partner-a sad but apt little tale of Easter. His friend is in the PGHM, this is the prestigious and highly professional mountain rescue team, and his friend is actively trying to catch him. It's a bit sad because what can his mate do, he has to do what his boss says, and the boss of the boss is also a climber, but what can he do? Well they could all go climbing just like they used to, or is that too simple, too fairy tale. When it is illegal for kids to play football in their garden you should be worried.