I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 4 January 2019

The Ponzi Tunnel to Gozo, by Stevie Ponzi Haston.

I live on a small island, the island will soon sink under tourism, and a new population. The government wants to make this easier by a faster connection tunnel rather than the already fast ferry service, why? Votes as the wise man said! Does Gozo need more tourists? No it doesn't, we have too many! Does Gozo need better connections? No, not necessarily, people need access to hospitals and jobs, but they certainly don't need more cars, more people, less parking, less beach space for themselves, and just need less noise, hassle, and confusion. Do the people of my island want to be slaves to tourism and sacrifice their own happy slow life, and little island at the alter of servicing tourists, and the mighty euro?

What happens when your dives have too many people in them? Do you move to another country? Not everybody can move, eh?

What happens when there are too many tourists on your climbs?

 I am nowMaltese, was I ever British? Most people can't change their passport, they can't even change house!

 Lets change reef Said, ok? Well not really, that isn't easy when most hotels own the reef in some countries. Some hotels in Malta seem to exclude locals from common ground!

Peace and quiet, well not really, there's bird hunters and we had to really work hard to get away from everybody.

 Hunters excluding walkers!

Solitude costs more than you think, for most people solitude does not exist.

My own private bit of rock, how long before the Vandals, the Hun and the Pink skinned Brit invade.
There are a few issues here, there is mass tourism, there is immigration, there is the locals right to live in a reasonable way without their own government treating them like a theme park, and there is For Feck sake we are running out of land and space!