I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 28 January 2019

The beast is slain, by Stevie Haston.

At last got the route! With the help of Christina and Mandy we climbed the cliff in iffy weather, but with determination-we were determined to get back to the car in one piece!

This cliff is a lot of fun, its big with a big feel.

The girls getting ready, sartorial elegance aside, puffer jacket went puff and spewed a few feathers and it was really too cold for tights!

Spot Christina!I was left waiting at the bottom, I think they thought it wise to take their time and enjoy the ambiance.

A bit lower, the abseil is very spectacular!

 this photo doesn't do the surge justice, my little camera has a delay on it, but we were getting wet and the sea is 5 or 6 meters under us.

The first pitch, no bolts, trad gear mainly slings on spikes, easy but bold.

Mandy smiling when it didn't really occur to her-"for the photo". 40 meter pitch.

 Christina leaning to bridge where you are meant to -with 85 meters of air under you, it felt hard! 40 meters again. All in all a great route, Gogarth in the UK would have this as a starred route, and it would be a classic. I need to add a few bolts, and bolt the first pitch so that others will love it. The Girls need to name it, it was their first new route! Its called Ganesh in the splits- they just mailed me.