I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Pride before fall, by Stevie Haston.

When things are fraught, the tough get going! In my case when things get tough I normally retreat. A few fairly minor injuries are adding up. How do I know they are minor-well because they are. Have you seen the Paul Pritchard hit by a rock/open like a tin can brain photo? Now thats an accident, that's not minor. Paul's book might be reprinted soon, it won the Boardman Tasker and the Bannf grande Prix in the same year. Paul was also unlike many people who write books nowadays, the real thing!

 Pride comes before a fall. My last great route, when I wanted to strip a few pieces of kit off it months later I took a fall with the rope wrapped around my thumb and nearly tore it off.

 Finding lines, joining the dots, masterpieces by the easy painting method.

 Some days are stoned immaculate, but they are a bit apart, I'am up to my 50 scuba dive in the last few months, some of these have been extraordinary, some dare I say it ordinary!

 Is all bread equal? No of course not. Wolfsburg in Germany is the richest city in Germany and was made to make cars! A shame we don't respect Bread as much as cars.

 Entering a sucking vortex of a cave, will I come out!

 The dog is thinking, "my master who controls my food has disappeared should I get worried"?

An early example of Double Speak, gobbledy gook.

I found a new cliff the other month, perfect for easier routes, no gear to equip them however and there is rubbish to be removed. It's a lovely place, overlooked by walkers, tourists, and nasty hunters drop their cartridges there and kill birds with impunity. Worst of all is the villagers use it to dump rubbish. Can I be bothered to clean this place up? Do I have the time?