I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 26 March 2018

Are you lazy, by Stevie Lazy Haston.

Are you lazy? Yes of course you are! Did you walk the dog properly, did you clean a new route, no I didn't, mea culpa.
I wrote a bit today for a book, a short 1000 words. OK Callum! I promised it, its done. It's about an old route of mine called Tonight at Noon. My old girl friend left me that day I first tried it, fed up with my antics, she buggered off leaving me the route as consolation.

 Blood and skin, tooth and claw.

Routes are bloodied stone, they are long, or short tales, they are paintings, they are fights and sometimes they are symphonies. Sometimes they aren't worth doing!

 Have you done your pull ups?

A friend visited his mum with his dog. The dog had to be walked by the mum, because the son was working. 30 mins to an hours walk cured the old mum of high blood pressure. If you are too lazy to cure your self by correct treatment, buy junk medicine and get other complications from those chemicals. 

 Have you read this, its a bit of hard work but it makes you think we are not trying.

What ails many places today is that the doctors of our government are quacks! Learn to recognise the difference. It is fairly easy in some countries, making porn stars the topic of politics debate seems to me to drag things into the gutter. Is it worse than selling arms? No it isn't. Even if you work in an arms factory think a little, maybe change your job. Changing where you live is hard today with Brexit and immigration laws, but  changing the fabric of your country is supposed to be your right.

 Have you read this? Its essential reading. You shouldn't be allowed to vote if you haven't read this book, and at least another 15. Wanting a gun, or less tax on booze is not eligibility for voting. Having love and some knowledge is. 

History, we ignore it at our peril, this is a good read and easy to boot. It reminds me  that one persons success is mostly at the disadvantage of some one else.

The old idea of a healthy mind and body seems to be disappearing. While a very few exercise their bodies (mainly one hastens to add for cosmetic reasons) how many exercise the brains? It is funny being involved in sport even a great one like climbing. If I had put in as much work into my character and into good works as I have done into my climbing, I would guess I might be approaching saint hood by now. Next time around in my next life if the planet is still here, I won't be lazy.