I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Training, tenacity, temperament. By Stevie temperamental Haston.

It's day three of 2015, I don't want to train anymore! Its day three of 2015, I don't want to diet any more!
I feel pathetically weak, mentally and physically.

When the going gets tough, the sensible give up, and so why I am I thinking it's tough, well I have not eaten much, and I have the character of a Sherman tank (that's not good, by the way), where's my tenacity, my mental fortitude?

Living on a soft island lost in a soft climate, where the last time they had tenacity was when they repelled the Ottoman empire in 15 something, is not the ideal place to be tough! I have had tenacity, a long time ago it was, when I used to solo a lot of Alpine faces, and maybe when I did Ultras and mountain runs. I have to find it again. It's day three and I have to dig deep, gee whiz, I'am doomed!

Training, tenacity, temperament, mantra. I can't do today -the training bit, trial pull ups indicate I am nowhere near recovered, but I'll go out like I did yesterday and kill some fat. It stopped raining and I found a beautiful wall of pink eroded sandstone that might make some short, strange routes. I lost some weight, I am going to stick to my diet, dare I say it even when I go to Italy.

Gozo coast looking down towards the Azure Window.

Loosing 1.9 kg by the beginning of day three shows a bit of tenacity, so I'am not now going to stuff my face with chips beer and pizza. Instead a few grade 6 balance walls will sort out the day, and train tomorrow with gusto. Gusto is my new mate, I hope I bump in tenacity.