I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Post Script fron USA, by Stevie PS Haston.

The States was good, or should I just say the outdoor show, as I only went climbing twice, and only close a few hours outta town. I returned to Europe which had duller skies and missed the states straight away, ah! Anyway in Italy now, which aint bad, it's got coffee for a kick off, and off to Germany in a couple of days where of course they got beer, Utah take note, 2.5 and 3 percent is yellow water! 

 Obvious this is the new guide book to ice and mixed in Utah, it's by two really great guys Nathan Smith and Andrew Burr. Buy it, 20 odd bucks for great photos and info. I very much like my photo got Nathan looking like a saint!

 This is my bessy buddy garage in Salt Lake, 'alright Steve, we got a meter of fresh coming in tomorrow, your in the wrong place buddy'. This is my kinda garage, a very common sight in Utah, two different sorts of board, finger boards and sliding boards, oh yes!

 Mixed climbing boot from Scarpa, very very nice, will do a review sometime. It's very good product, that is the short review, ok.

 This was a bit of a laugh, Basketball, more interesting than cricket, and it doesn't rain all of a sudden. Bit of a cultural shock, can't personally describe it as sport, it's more an entertainment, and a bit of tribal bonding, not bad though. I sussed the best player out fairly easily, and asked how much he earned-16 million dollar. He smiles a lot. My boss keeps asking me to smile when I do gear videos, well I got the answer for you boss-pay me 16 million.

Stayed in a wierd hotel, truckers, and people of the night, 3 fights, coffee and food were some kind of unrecognisable shizer. Anyway Utah is at its best outside the city, protect it you Utahrians.