I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy 1000 pull ups New Year from Stevie spitters are quitters Haston

Have you made your new years resolutions? Are you going to stick to them? I always make new years resolutions and sometimes stick to them. Sometimes I fail, but in the failing at least I get somewhere along the long trail to the promised land. The promised land of great routes, huge roofs, bigger than huge, grins bigger than your face, wear the banana of success, yes man I want the banana. 

I want to be a monster again. Or a semi monster. I'll settle for a semi as I'm ancient, I'ave seen oak trees grow from acorns, Iave seen climbing grow from fairly attainable goals to where you really have to get down and do your training to do those beautiful routes, so today cos its raining and tomorrow it will rain I did my thousand pull ups. Thanks Mr Crusher for the Board, its still going and so am I. This year I'll be 58 and of course I'll still be doing big roofs hopefully gigantic ones. It was - 1.6 in my village by the sea which is as south as you can get in Europe. Hope the Alpine boys and girls get their snow and ice, I don't want it down here thanks, I want those huge hulking Quasimodo like ceilings, where you take swinging whippers like the clanger in the swinging bell. Hope you all do something this year, life aint forever.