I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Yag McSherry is dead, by Stevie Haston

Yag McSherry was killed in a hit and run incident in Ireland. A stark sad fact to mark the end of a fine free spirit. He will be missed by many who climbed, surfed and partied with him. And those of course who loved him, like his wife Jo.  
(c) Steve Downes

He was a prime mover in the Liverpool /Birkenhead group of climbers in the 80s before moving to surf in Ireland. He was light and strong and made many things look easy, soloing the Overhanging wall at the Breck being an example in bad shoes. I once went into the Padarn Lake Hotel where I met Yag at the bar, he was naked except for a Red nose charity emblem (it was red nose day) the red nose bobble was on the end of his .....As I said he will be missed.