I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 5 August 2013

Being strong means strong habits. by Stevie Haston

(c) Inigo Taylor

This route is amazing, I aint going to do it unless I start sorting everything out. Dreaming about it, aint going to cut. Being deluded, aint going to cut it.
 So? Yes, basically it's called good work, plus good food, plus good rest. And lets face it no one is going to help me, so it's down to me! The world is fucked, but my little self centered, ego centric world, is going to revolve West to East, the tide will obey my commands!   

 The tide will obey my commands, cos I will only ask it to operate in a cycle, West to east might not happen so scratch that! This Lilly does what it can, it has good soil and tries to do its job. I water it. If I didn't water it, it would die.Its healthy because I look after it, and help its natural ways.

This sporting machine is totally the most powerful thing, it was trapped in the house, it can jump, but it can't find its way out of the house. Climbers are like that. We can all climb, but we develop bad habits, and very few know how to maximize, or indeed get out of the climbing wall/bouldering/training thang. My route is 3 to 5 months away! 3 to 5 months of good habits, good food, and good sleep. Instead of going to the cliff, I stayed at home watered my Lilies, and decided to train for my route instead of training myself to get to the first crux and fall off and get all bent out of shape. Good habits, good food, good sleep!