I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Adventure with small and large people, by Stevie Haston

Over the years I have had the joy of introducing many people, old, and young to the outside and inside world. Along with the joy comes responsibility, that is onerous but normal. Who is to blame if something goes wrong?

This is Harmony trying to post her self back to the normal world of boring school lessons. Harmony is one of the latest in the line of our family who can trace her spirit back thru the mists of time to people who worshiped Odin.

Leo is six and really likes chocolate cake, but we all suspect he secretly likes chopping peoples heads off with swords. Socializing him not to decapitate people is a challenge!
What are you supposed to do with people and kids, keep them in cotton wool and teach them to surf the internet instead of the sea?

The water is cold, and the legal waters are hot for people who get it wrong. In Italy  multiple people are being charged with manslaughter, for the death of young Tito a 12 year old. His death was avoidable. But is the crime/mistake, not that the boy was not just taught how to check his own gear?

Laurence is an 'adult', she is about to slide down the mini toboggan and plunge into the cold water, its tremendous fun, but should you take kids in there?
Is it wrong in todays odd world!

I was roaming the cliffs and swimming the sea without mates from the age of about 7, somewhere along the way I developed the idea that it was I who was responsible.

Anyway this is fun, but I take less and less people out, and so the fun in the world will shortly all disappear, will it not? The smiles of the explorer are pretty to see, but they have cost grey hairs for sure. Tears are not as pretty.