I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Action Direct? Stevie Indirect Haston.

Laurence enjoying a 7a in the Underworld, just a carbon foot print away from her home...
Action Direct is a great little route. My life is a great little story. The world is a dying planet. Is Action Direct important in any kind of context at all. My grandchildren won't be able to visit Venice because it will be underwater soon, they will never get to old age, they will have to fight tooth and nail for water and food, they will have to wear bulletproof sunblock.
There are 1,200 coal fired power stations planed world wide. 
I live on an island that is bathed in sun, and has an average 3kt wind, it also has usable sea power, so what does it do for power? It has an oil burning power station!
I'm getting sick of cleaning up my local cliff...

I am sick of plastic. I walk to my nearest cliff on average 50% of the time and breath my neighbors gas guzzling fumes, most people here are very over weight. 
There are elections going on, and where has the fight against global warming been featured? In which climbing mag have you seen anything to help you reduce your carbon foot print? They aint gonna get their advetizing by telling you to stop buying stuff. 
I fly medium haul a few times a year, walk cycle, run the rest, my foot print is huge and I don't even have a car. I feel guilty that I have had such a great life and seen the crazy natural beuty of the world, but every now and then I cry. Its all gonna go, your children may see it, but your grand children will 'live' thru hell. 
My commune wants a wind turbine and solar panels. We live in a aging comunity in rural France, which is nearly empty from depopulation, every body has gone to work in Toulouse, where they spend their time in traffic jams, going around in slow circles trying to get to work, or back to their self catering pseudo lives. 
I work in the climbing industry, and it is an industry. One of the people who I work for has put solar panels over his huge factory, and does the end user acknowledge this and buy our product? Not really!
You don't care, nobody cares. I don't care, only twice a week do I care.
Action Direct is a airplane journey away. My nearest cliff is 15 minutes walk, and Gozo is way more beautiful than the Frankenjura. I would love to visit the fantastic limestone of China, but I'd have to fly thru Beijing, a polluted hell.  
Why does someone not guide me? Please, oh please why does someone not guide me. 
I went swimming and there were very few fish, less than last year. It's not the Last of the Mohicans it's the last of the Tuna. I only really climb in the winter, the rock is too hot in the summer, the sea feels like your bathing in your own hot blood in August. 
I left Chamonix years ago because of the pollution, The most beautiful valley in Europe gives people cancer! When I was a teenager the Bossons glacier was walkable from the valley its half away up the mountain now. The Mer de glace glacier is gained by a dozen steel ladders because it has shrunk so much.
What has been done about global warming except put a cosmetic band aid on it? 
I know this sounds depressing, but it is, don't ignore it because you would rather play with your stupid phone. I didn't blog for a month cos I was naffed off with everything, Obama, Maltese and Italian politics, myself, so I became the Ostrich, I stuck my head into hedonistically enjoying the rocks. I will continue to enjoy your share of the rocks because you lot out there in nanaland  are too busy killing my planet. Action Direct was a terrorist organization, it took Direct action, Oil companies take Direct Action, and manipulate American politics which control and drive the rest of the world. My Action Direct is not to go to a small crag, in a dull green wood, and try to climb four meters of limestone.