I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 18 March 2013

Cruella in the Underworld, by Stevie Haston

This route is called Cruella the cruel, damp conditions thwarted several repoint attempts,.. Today was so dry it went first time, but it was so painful because I have been doing too much. Pain is a bit weird, there is mental pain, and physical pain, , pain from being alive, pain from fail, so didn’t fail, tried damn hard, broke bits of holds, some how did a few campus moves on no gas. 

Put a few bolts in a new project which will join up with Cruella the Cruel , will be monster hard, for sure don’t have the right stuff this month, as I seem to have lost something. 

Cant believe how beau the UnderWorld was today, Simon popped down to visit Big X and Inigo who took some very nice photos.

 Some cliff are really so good they shine.

The Underworld is such a physical crag it is like something from an other era, it's more like Gladiator meets King Kong.
I wish I had the Underworld with me all the time but I guess I have it in a pocket of my mind. So threw a few more pennies for the Ferryman...

Sweet time to finish the day...with little Lilly climbing at the Black Slab, Kercem...

...she got to the top!