I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Power without technique, Stevie Haston.

So I've been watching election politics, I'd rather watch paint dry but I am concerned at the moment that two countries that I love get decent caring governments. Italy has just had a massive turbulent electoral campaign which has resulted in a hung parliament, it will end in acrimony and infighting in a confusion of coalitions. Malta where I live is in the middle of one of the dirtiest bits of mud slinging I have ever witnessed, there's been an incredible amount of graft and corruption here over the years but people want it to stop, good luck, but maybe you should vote for what is right and not just for your pocket.  

Wealth without Work
Pleasure without Conscience
Knowledge without Character
Business without Ethics
Science without Humanity
Religion without Sacrifice
Politics without Principle

Very clearly I have done many bad things in my shabby life, but as I grow older they are getting less and less. I was brought up extremely well and had some great teachers but obviously my natural selfish, and lazy character, subverted any good I could've done. Luckily I was not a politician. I was just a climber. Still and all, I managed to screw up the thing I loved the most because I had power without technique. As I watch the political circus I laugh at myself, Power  I have had, it was a gift, but the real gift is in knowing what to do with power.

Oh yes, today I did a new route, and so did Laurence, two great little wonderful bright things, they made our lives sparkle just for a while, but you can do them too, they are our gift.