I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 3 March 2013

A good hair day on Gozo, by Stevie Air Head Haston

This is a route I bolted for a friend, ok Mark how are you? It's called Spunky Arrete, and it throws off lots of lads and lasses, it's tip top.

 Inigo Taylor is a bit cold as he seconds, breezy conditions, made it slightly hairy.

 Inigo giving you the V's, and me giving you a Gozo mono. 

This is a boss 6a, it's just lost a hold and now needs more balance, a pearl.

 Inigo on a 6a+, a bit of a hairdresser's route,  sweet and fruity, very YMCA. 

 When the going gets hard, break out the Testarossas, actually a high cost boot, not locust. 

This is a crackerjack 7a, it always makes me smile, and I never find it easy. Today I had a lovely day in the rock garden of Gozo, I forgot or ignored the bad things, and center myself in sunshine.
A slightly macho 8a, with a touch of the "Gay Gordons", maybe it's harder than 8a, it certainly tests the metal in your nettle.