I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Happy beer day by Stevie Haston.

Happy days are better than sad ones, they don't have much to do with birthdays, or weddings, its more a lets do something enterprise for me, happy days are when I do something which other people might share like a new route. So we did a new route!

 My face was a bit zapped by jelly fish recently, one across the forehead which hurt like being electrocuted, one across the lips which really stung and an unexplained one under the eyes which looked worse than it was.  2 meter tentacles were hard to avoid!

 Alex looking down on sector Titan, silly girl!

 Putting some gear in a new route, it was called Beer hunter! 4 rope lengths, 5a, 5a, 6a, 4c.

 I want to go that way!

 Lovely rock, perfect weather etc.

Me doing a bit of extra curricular exploring!

Alex led me up Titan which I added an extra bit of protection on to make it more amenable. Thankgod it was better because I had a drill a big glue gun two batteries and extra kit-20kgs.

So thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday, please come and do my birthday gift to you all, its a good route.

I did a bit of exploring for the mega traverse before thirst for beer took over! I need bolts!