I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Scarpa climbing shoes, by Stevie Haston

If I said Scarpa climbing shoes keep getting better, I wouldn't be accurate because its hard to get better than some of there present and even some of their older shoes. Check them out and see if they fit your feet and your needs. Remember in climbing shoes the shape of the last, and the shape of the foot must go together otherwise it's not gonna happen. And remember reviews and reviews are sometimes paid for and some sponsored climbers can lie in 5 different languages! Try lots of shoes /boots on!

Chimera a startling good to absolutely profoundly magnificent!

The surest way to get better is not one arm pull ups, its feeling and understanding the foot hold and levering your body into the correct position for pushing and pulling up wards. Good shoes and understanding the shoe and the rubber will help you enormously.

 Drago is a very good steep rock shoe with the most toe rubber around for those funky toe hooks! Single velcro makes it a great bouldering shoe.

 Booster can stand on almost anything! Two velcro tabs make it convenient for most things if you size it comfy you should be able to wear it for multi pitch.

 Booster, it has a bit more support than I generally need unless theres a lot of edging and on long pitches it becomes more useful to me.

Spend as much time picking your shoes as you can or the assistant will tolerate, its a very important thing to do. Fit is everything, I can tolerate some pain for quite a while but most people can't, but in all cases try to avoid large empty spaces in your shoes, if there is an empty space your ability to push on that part of the shoe is vastly compromised.

Drago, slightly narrower toe box means I can get in the back of smaller pockets, great heel as with all the newer Scarpa shoe.
 Always take two pairs of shoes in your bag rucsac. Size matters!Style, as in design and performance matters absolutely. Think about your climbing more, understand climbing. Shoes are your primary tool.