I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Benedicto Pacifico Ramirez, by Stevie "the Rat" Haston.

Pacifico I aint, it is something I aspire to, like a new ocean to be explored,if I am unlucky it will be in my next life!
Waiting for a friend to pop!

The questions and doubts about your ability are at once the aspect that is most interesting about hard prolonged climbs or the most soul crushing.

My otherwise heroic body has let me down recently, after doing a couple of good hard routes, my shoulder has decided to be incapable of doing much, or agreeing to even think about doing much. My left knee too. Threats haven't worked!

 The Elves came early this Xmass, this one levitates!

Yoga mild and slow, swimming mild and slow, some good food, and certainly I won't be drinking and binging for the stupid festivities to honour a painted idol without any ears. He (for he is a he, so they say) has not listened to me once for my desire to be profoundly strong and healthy.

Hard work has brought back the splits - normal and box… every time I loose the splits I think they will never come back and then I find them again-just hard work.

presents from kind people.  

Only five routes here!!!

Looking at the above wall is so great, a 6a corner a three pitch adventure climbing thru the arch, two great multi pitch corner climbs and a 50 meter overhanging wall that would not be out of place in France.

Nice Bridge from little Lilly. 

One of the companies I work for will be 200 years old next year, just think 200 years in the mountains, thats a bit more than my 60 years most of which has been climbing!Is the world better than 200 years ago? Glaciers are smaller, less infant mortality, but very few Grandes Jorasses with Walker Spurs to do first on. When we are all put out of work by computers and robots, when there are no rocks to climb because Trump has turned them into coal, when we can't touch our toes, what will be our point? Your point might be different from mine, mine was certainly a very pointy point, but at least it wasn't a flat field below sea leval like a dull grey field in the fog in Holland!