I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 25 December 2017

Ho Ho Ho, by Stevie Ho Chi Haston.

Firstly, happy seasonal greetings, even grumps like me can get behind this silly bon homy. Secondly there is no secondly, lets all wish each other the best and mean it! Words are cheap but they are good nice little words, Happy solstice!

 Little Emma going for it, a bit cold yesterday but she's tough! This is a Gozo Fisherman's route and she was full of respect for them.

The weather has been a bit all over the place lately, cold, windy, perturbed-like the male violence of most unkind politics and political thieves and bully boys. Any way, good vibes and good times to you all even if you know you don't really deserve it from me!

 Fatso descending a skinny stretchy rope to look at a prospective route

 The skinny stretchy rope belayed to a small boulder along way away, in between is a big hole so even if the rock was pulled by my enormous weight it would fall down the hole-I reckon!

 Don't you love these rocks, on top of a wonderful cliff!

yet another finish to another brill shiny thing!

Went swimming, and climbing, and diving, and scuba this week, all good. Tried not to think about politics, this is actually fairly easy on a skinny stretchy rope with a good rub point over the cliff edge. I recommend it! Today I swam through a lovely rock arch deep under the sea and the lubricous peace and serenity I found there was  wonderful, alas it was also untransportable. I still must harbour a nasty element because the two large Dentex at 55 meters looked at me with a definite distrust and did not wish me seasonal greetings! Must do more yoga. Am looking towards the New Year and a detox, and a month of morning yoga. It will be a new year, time to be reborn and make things better. More good routes, as I said before good vibes to you all. Salem Alekcum, or as we say in Maltese Alekcum which means peace to you, wow the same words who would have ever thunk it! And to my Jewish brothers and sisters, Shalom, Same Same, are we not we all the same? Well us peaceful folks are at any rate.