I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Urinal called Stevie, by Stevie Haston.

I was here the other day wishing I was some where else, and was somewhere else wishing, I was someone else.......

These are the weapons of a Jedi knight circa early 70's....I used to climb with these and thought them very useful, today ....well. Any way, they are heavy, and not that good, but they served us well.   

Lunch in Italy can be a bit too jolly, getting fat, or is that fatter!  

Hitched thru the tunnel to the french side this morning, cold hands thumbing. A kind man took me thru the tunnel, at the other side he was fined a huge amount of money for exceeding the speed limit by 5 km an hour. He was Black, welcome to France!

So when I die wrote Orsum Wells they won't erect a statue in my honour they will dig a pit! When I die, they will if I am lucky name a urinal, after me! I saw this incredible insult to the man who wrote Conquistadors of the Useless, admitidly it's nice and floral and not porcelain and stinky, but come on, is that what you think Chamonix? 

I will probably be remembered for doing equipment vids! One of my vids has been downloaded 80,000 times and counting! Does anybody remember I have run up nearly a hundred grande courses in the alps, without a rope, bereft of sense, and wearing a slightly frozen  grin! No, well, Bollards to you all!